Bugatti delivers the tenth and last Centodieci hypercar

Bugatti delivers the tenth and last Centodieci hypercar

Bugatti announced on Monday delivered the tenth and final example of the Centodieci, a special edition of the Chiron hypercar.

The Centodieci was launched in 2019 sample celebration of EB110 (Centodieci in Italian for “110”), a 1990s supercar built by Bugatti before being acquired by the Volkswagen Group. Centodieci was shipped out first to its owner in June.

The car is one of a growing line of modern in-car specials based on the Chiron, which Divo was introduced in 2018 and ended with that The Mistral roadster was presented in August.

The last Centodieci has a white exterior with dark trim in bare carbon fiber. The brake calipers are light blue and the rear wing has “Centodieci” lettering. Inside the car, every surface has the same light blue color, including the “checkerboard” upholstery pattern that Quilted leather used in EB110.

Ultimate Bugatti Centodieci

According to Bugatti, all production locations for the Centodieci were sold before the car was even revealed, despite prices for one starting at $8.9 million.

After all the Centodiecis have been completed and delivered, Bugatti will focus on building the final Chirons, which will total less than 100 units, down from the original 500 units. The car factory also builds the Mistral series consisting of 99 units, or 40 examples of track-only Bolides.

The successor to the Chiron will also appear soon, which Bugatti boss Mate Rimac indicated will come with a hybrid powertrain in 2023. newly developed gas engine. The Mistral is proven to be the last car with Bugatti’s famous quad-turbo 8.0-liter W-16 engine.

W-16 is also found in Centodieci. Here, the engine is tuned for 1,577 horsepower, 97 hp more than the Chiron, and Bugatti claims the car can go from 0-62 mph in 2.4 seconds, 0-124 mph in 6.1 seconds, 0 and 13.1 seconds to 186 mph. Top speed is regulated to 236 mph, which is lower than the Chiron’s regulated top speed of 261 mph. Each of the Centodiecis was taken to the 236 mph mark part of the pre-handover inspection.

HIGH RESOLUTION GALLERY: Ultimate Bugatti Centodieci

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