FFZ400: VeilSide starts the Z fever

FFZ400: VeilSide starts the Z fever

The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon is upon us, and if you caught my preview post this morning, you’ll know that tweaked versions of Nissan’s new Z will, as expected, appear in numbers. One of the most anticipated RZ34 builds is from VeilSide.

Knowing how cool this car was going to be (Yokomaku-san teased us with tons of progress pictures late last year), I planned to visit VeilSide forward from TAS and take a good look.

Luckily for me, there was no last-second “TAS crunch” rush to the finish line; Yokomaku-san finished the car on schedule, which means I had a few days to shoot it at VeilSide HQ before it was shipped to Makuhari Messe.


So here it is, the VeilSide FFZ400 – the “FF” is probably the At a deadly pace. There is history, remember.


Nissan’s new Z has well and truly received the VeilSide treatment, and it’s all come together in just two months.


The classic VeilSide elements are all very much present, starting at the front with an elongated bumper that makes the car look like it’s traveling at 300km/h. Wangan even when parked. The base grille has been integrated into the design and is joined by four additional openings in the new bumper’s manifold, with even larger grille intakes in between.


The orange choice might be a tip of the hat to the racing version of the S30 Fairlady Z 432R, which was only sold in Japan, but since the car is also called Yokomaku-san. “Han’s 400Z” we let you decide where the color inspiration comes from. Coincidentally, Nismo also chose a similar shade of orange for its RZ34 show car.


One detail that Yokomaku spent time refining is around the headlights. He really wanted to emphasize the shape of the lamps, so he added some sharp body lines to the area to achieve this.


The fenders also feature a contrast vent that consists of a series of louvres that flow into the main vent section.


The characteristic 5-spoke VeilSide wheels in 20-inch design sit deep in the slightly widened fenders thanks to the air suspension.


Because there’s nothing like getting that perfect pose at the push of a button.


Yokomaku really likes the subtle S30 angle in the center of the hood and has uniquely highlighted this Z-specific design detail.


The hardest part of any project like this is making sure it all flows together so you have a coherent and clear design language.


It doesn’t make much sense to design an aggressive front bumper and then ditch the rear kit.


As we move down the side profile, the skirts really help pull the whole look together.


Unlike VeilSide’s A90 Supra, the Z’s rear fenders have not been cut, meaning what looks like a proper fender is actually an FRP add-on. above the original fender. Yokomaku believes that most RZ34 owners will be reluctant to have someone buy a grinder for their new purchase, so this solution gets the look but still keeps all the factory metal in place.

That said, the increase in width is still nicely achieved, with more than enough room for some decent rear tire.

The entire fender piece then flows beautifully into an elongated ducktail spoiler with a definite drag feel. The fading VeilSide logos on the wing struts are a nice touch.


When Nissan unveiled the new Z in 2020, it claimed that the highlight along the roofline would be a katana (Samurai sword). To highlight this design element, Yokomaku gave the piece a distinctive look still pattern – the wavy line that outlines the hardened section of the sword.


In typical VeilSide style, the interior has received a few basic touches to give it a customized feel.


First, we have a set of bridal seating that we made specifically for this project.

Look closely and you’ll see they’re trimmed in a suede-like material with tiny VeilSide logos.


The same fabric was used on the door cards to tie into the rest of the cabin…


The dash is…


And the center of the steering wheel. It really brightens up the cabin while retaining the factory black scheme.


At the time of filming, the Z showed only 12 km on the odometer. Yokomaku said that it was picked up on a flatbed truck from the Nissan dealer back in October and immediately placed in the workshop so that body sculpting could begin.


Lifting the heavy deck—heavy because the car now sports that big rear wing—reveals the air suspension setup. It almost resembles a horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine.


At the front, of course, we have six cylinders. The V6 twin-turbo VR30DETT was left stock as VeilSide doesn’t specialize in performance tuning these days.


While drag racing and high-speed trials of the ’80s and ’90s shaped Yokomaku’s past, VeilSide’s future is all about design.


However, VeilSide will sell you its own exhaust system. Primarily because it is a style signature, but also because the stock Z is only beat too quiet by default.


When I finished filming, Yokomaku-san also took some quick shots of the car and stated that it was the first time he had seen it outside.

The halls of the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon may be full of amazing Zs of all flavors, but for me, this one is extra special.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare

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