The driver hit Conor McGregor on his bike and can take him home

The driver hit Conor McGregor on his bike and can take him home

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UFC star Conor McGregor says he was hit by a car while cycling, then posted and then removed a photo and video of the aftermath of the incident. He was apparently uninjured, and the driver who hit him eventually picked him up.

The 34-year-old McGregor, who is the world’s biggest mixed martial arts star, regularly cycles while training.

“Fucking creamed from behind,” McGregor said in a since-deleted text video posted on Instagram on Friday. “He said he couldn’t see because of the sun.”

McGregor then says: “It’s fine, it’s fine” as the driver of what appears to be a Ford Mondeo walks up and says he’s “absolutely sorry, I really am”.

“I could have died there,” McGregor says at another point in the video.

“I’m very sorry,” says the driver. McGregor also revealed a large tear in his pants, but otherwise appeared unscathed when shaken.

Another now-deleted video shows McGregor in the same interior car with the bike in the backwill be taken from the scene.

“Just got rear-ended by a car,” McGregor wrote in the Instagram post. “A sun trap, the driver didn’t see me.” Full speed straight through me. Thank God it wasn’t my time. Thanks for wrestling and judo too. Being aware on landing saved my life.”

This isn’t the first time McGregor has been in the news for non-MMA reasons in the past year or even last week, and on Tuesday it was reported that a woman accused McGregor of assaulting him on his yacht denies the charges in July.

In March, McGregor arrested for dangerous driving. The police also seized his Bentley Continental. He was released after posting bail and the Continental was later returned to him, the case is still pending.

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