The VW ID.2all concept is complemented by a hot hatch version

The VW ID.2all concept is complemented by a hot hatch version

Volkswagen continues to add components to its electric vehicles, but we won’t know what fare the automaker will serve up for a few more years. The Germans this week unveiled the ID.2all concept, an entry-level addition to the ID hatchback range between the 160.3-inch Volkswagen Polo and the 168.7-inch Golf. Sitting on the MEB platform used by current products such as the ID.3 and ID.4, and due in 2026, the ID.2all opens up not only a new electric car design language, but also a new infotainment interface for the brand. And Top grade reports the economical electric hatch is joined by a hot hatch version. A VW executive said a “sporty version” is in the works, also FWD, and “Whether it’s a GTI or a GTX or whatever, we’ll see.”

The standard The ID.2all is expected to have 223 horsepower with a single motor on the front axle – there’ll be no AWD here, in either smooth or spicy guise – and sprints from zero to 62mph in 7.0 seconds. This already means slightly more power and faster acceleration than the rear-runner, 201 hp ID.3 Pro Performance. The VW exec is not built to the specifications of the production hot hatch ID.2all, which is telling TG these revelations would “come as a surprise the next time we meet”. For now, though, the bookmark comparison would be the current VW GTI, which sends its 241 horsepower to the front axle and does 0-60 in 5.1 seconds when equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

This encouragement to compare the ID2.all concept to the GTI, and the executive’s suggestion that the GTI name is at least a possibility, leads us to all kinds of questions about whether we’re looking at the next GTI. In line with recent news that the GTI and Golf R will go electric by the end of the decade, the spec sheet is noteworthy. The performance numbers of the ID.2all and the GTI are already close, and the dimensions of the ID2.all bring it close enough to the GTI to provide similar interior space. This is pure speculation, but if we were to make the ID.2all a GTI successor, the ID.3 GTX could remain a Golf R successor, or the bones for such. The ID.3 is only an inch shorter than the Golf, and the ID2.all isn’t scheduled to get the hotter ID.3 and Golf R pack AWD powertrains. We’ll know more when VW decides to eat surprises like horsepower and the improved ID.2all moniker.

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