These Meguiar’s car care solutions will meet your needs

These Meguiar’s car care solutions will meet your needs

You may be surprised to learn that Meguiar’s a company that is more than a century old. Founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar, Jr., the Evansville, Indiana (now Irvine, California) company first traded in furniture refinishing, and when automobiles became fashionable, Frank turned his attention to flivers. Of course, cars used to be made of wood, so the surfaces were similar to the furniture he treated with his own product.

Later, when wood was phased out of automotive production, Meguiar’s products were used by professionals such as fabricators, dealers, body fitters and detailers. But as cars became more of a DIY business—think customs and hot rods—it became clear to the company that consumers were a lucrative target market, so Meguiar’s began offering its products on retailer shelves.

Today, Meguiar’s offers a range of car care solutions to meet the needs of enthusiasts and DIYers alike. Next Classic Cars TVOn our YouTube channel, we’ve reviewed a number of products that may suit your vehicle’s needs.

New to Meguiar’s lineup is Hot Rims Black Cleaner. Designed for those who think black is beautiful, this foaming gel is formulated with a gentle touch for maximum cleaning for those with matte, gloss, satin or black chrome finishes.

Why ignore the tires when cleaning the wheels? This is where Meguiar hybrid ceramic tire polish comes in. If you’re from the carnauba world of car painting (meaning you haven’t kept up with the technology), ceramic coatings are the current favorite of professional detailers and shaders. . Ceramic coatings usually consist of minerals that create a chemical bond with water-repellent properties. Meguiar Hybrid Ceramic Tire Shine is designed to give your vehicle a high shine as well as a durable, long-lasting finish.

Another new product from Meguiar is the Ultimate Insane Shine Paint Glosser. This spray increases the saturation of the paint and enhances its shine. The end result is an increase in brightness and reflection on the car, because heck, who doesn’t like shiny objects?

Join Classic Car TVs “Jalopy Jeff” Sutton walks you through these three Meguiar products and shares his thoughts on the products’ initial results and subsequent durability.

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