Tokyo Auto Salon 2023: It all starts here

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023: It all starts here

It’s Tokyo Auto Salon time again! Japan’s biggest tuning show will open its doors to the world soon, but as we’ve been doing for years, I like to give you a taste of Thursday’s lineup.

This series is always exciting to watch and from what I saw of the demo cars being unloaded and the stands set up, TAS 2023 is going to be special. This is the first Tokyo Auto Salon event since 2020 where international guests are properly welcomed, and it’s clear that every company with something on display has gone all out for the occasion.

As expected, the new Nissan Z everywhere. I must have walked away with at least a few dozen examples, each showing its own unique flavor.


With that in mind, we’re dedicating a special post to the RZ34 to show just how many of them there were. Anyone care to guess this number?


The GR86 remains a popular tuner base for TAS exhibitors. This is not at all surprising; the rear-wheel drive Toyota coupe looks good, it’s fun and affordable.


Wataru Kato’s single-handed attempt to steal the TAS spotlight continues in 2023. Liberty Walk’s wide-body Ferrari F40 will be unveiled to the world at 14:00 local time. Would people like to see such an icon under the knife? Is Ferrari going to fax and stop sending letters to Kato-san’s office? Only time will tell; only a few hours left.

Kato didn’t stop at F40. Here’s another special LBW Ferrari build, this one based on the F355 Challenge.


I’m sure none of the TAS 2023 exhibitors brought more cars than Liberty Walk. I think I counted 22, but I could have missed a few. There is certainly no shortage of variety.


After seeing this creation being prepared for display, we’ll be sure to stop by the NATS booth and see what the students have been up to. I always love to see what builds this automotive college comes up with. They really let the imagination run wild with these guys.


Vans of all shapes and sizes are a big part of the Tokyo Auto Salon, and with the camping craze going on in Japan right now, there are some interesting ways to customize these things.


As always with TAS, there are surprises around every corner, ready to be spotted and properly hunted down.

Based on what we saw on Thursday, many carbon fiber and some hybrid vehicles are making statements. Did I mention exotics?


However, there is a sad side to this year’s show as Ken Block was scheduled to attend the Tokyo Motor Show Hoonitron. It was a poignant moment watching the Audi being unloaded at the Toyo Tires stand and knowing that Ken was no longer with us. 2023 is a year motorists will never forget; legends are never forgotten after all.


Overall, the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 looks simply stunning. And with our biggest-ever team at this event now descending on Makuhari Messe, you can expect plenty of coverage in the coming hours and days, both here and beyond. Speedhunters’ Instagram feed. Get ready – TAS madness is upon us!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare

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