Mexican police found a tiger cub in the trunk of the vehicle

Mexican police found a tiger cub in the trunk of the vehicle

According to a report today, a tiger cub was found in the trunk of a car (photos from the El Marques Police Department) that was passing through El Marques, Mexico. the BBC.

The cub was transported among the SUV’s luggage, and in addition to the tiger, El Marques police found four guns and almost 100 rounds of ammunition. When the vehicle was stopped for what police said was a “minor traffic violation,” the couple holding the tiger became aggressive toward the officers, and the vehicle was searched.

However, before the police found the tiger, the couple tried to flee the scene. They were immediately stopped and cut off, resulting in their arrest. It is not illegal to own a tiger or exotic pet in Mexico, as long as you have the proper paperwork to prove that you acquired it and keep it legally. The BBC he speculates that the hiding of the tiger may have been due to their association with drug dealers who bought exotic pets. This kid could very well be on his way to the compound of some Mexican drug lord who paid a large sum of money for him.

Fortunately, the tiger cub is now being cared for by animal experts BBC. The plan is to return the cub to its natural habitat, wherever that may be.

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