PJ Car Free Day this Sunday, May 28 – road closures

PJ Car Free Day this Sunday, May 28 – road closures

The first PJ Car-Free Day of 2023 will be held this Sunday, May 28, at Laman MBPJ section 52. As the name suggests, the roads around Petaling Jaya’s city center will be closed to traffic, meaning residents can walk freely. and security.

The event will take place from 6am to noon at Laman MBPJ along Jalan Yong Shook Lin, so the PJ state highway would be closed to traffic. The city council has not yet issued a road closure, but it could be similar to the previous PJ Car Free Day in November 2022.

Then there was a running event, and this edition features a ‘Purple Walk’ event. On the previous PJ car-free day, Jalan Selangor – Jalan Penchala – Bulatan Penchala, Jalan Padang 4/48 – Bulatan Assunta Jalan Selangor and Bulatan Selangor – basically a loop of PJ State – were partially closed.

PJ Car Free Day is like the long-standing KL Car Free Morning in downtown Kuala Lumpur, but unlike the latter – which is basically just an open track for running, cycling and skating – PJ’s version has plenty of activities. Lila Walk aside, cooking competition, busking, lato-lato competition, traditional games, coloring competition, “Teater Bangsawan”, zumba, car stall sale and health checks among others.

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